Starry Heavens - Jhouyu HSIEH

Starry Heavens 頭頂繁星 

Archive, bottle, sic, bacteria 檔案、玻璃瓶、鑽髓結晶、菌種 
21 x 9 x 9cm(99件)21 x 9 x 9cm x 99 pieces
Jhouyu HSIEH

2016, Infinity Archives, Jhouyu Solo Exhibition, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.

Drawing on the concept of repetition/simulacral, this exhibition explores the hyperreal sites of consumption of postmodern society. Simulation have become prepared realities and the imaginary of fictions. Depicting things that have no clear element from original, these copies keep repeating and multiplying. As Baudrillard says, we are used to living in a world dominated by experience and stimulation. Contemporary culture is replete with simulation, which threatens to eliminate the distinction between truth and reality, so that people lose the ability of understanding truth. The “Simulation” is no longer just repetition. Instead, the signs of reality have replaced reality itself. With fetishism and desire, the abstract meaning of signs disappears. For me, the more something is repeated, the less residual meaning it will have, simulation prevents the generation of meaning and influence. Thus, with the liberation of desire in the modern consumer society, people feel increasingly indifferent and empty.In this seemingly pluralistic world of consumption, man’s desire has become an unchanging rule. The black hole of desire translates into rapid consumption. Man’s imagination of a “better life” is measured solely by money, which becomes the only universal value in modern life. No other age has attached more importance to money than today. As such, human existence is framed by consumption and money.

探討後現代消費場域中的超現實(hyperreal),不管是抗爭、批判或者是獨善其身的運動當中,人類心底的本質慾望與底線。商品與消費符號在當代思維裡成為「欲望」的符碼想像,藉由生產repetition / simulacral的概念,沒有明確的原件重製,但這些複印卻不斷的重複出現與增生;就如布希亞所說,由於我們習慣生活在被經驗、刺激所掌控的世界,當代文化現象充斥了所謂「擬像活動」,已危及到真理與現實的差異,失去人類了「理解真實」的能力。擬像(Simulation)成為人為的真實(prepared realities)、虛構物的再仿複製。