Wandering practice - Jhouyu HSIEH


Wandering practice

Draw on Paper, resin, plastic, readymade, inkjet print, card

1050x1890x100mm (200x200mm x 40pieces), 120x700x5mm x 30pieces, 110x90mm x Quantity variable 


In 2020, because of the global outbreak of new coronavirus, I returned to my hometown Taichung, Taiwan. I left this land for a long time because of my art work. After I came back here again, I couldn’t help thinking about a vacation many years ago. I went to Taichung's  Beigou former site with friends from the art history department to explore. It used to be a temporary residence for those chinese precious historical relics from Imperial Palaces of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Beijing to Taiwan, before moving to the National Palace Museum in Taipei. Although the area is already overgrown of grass and weeds, the atmosphere, memories and scenes of the expedition at that time, overlap with all those historical relics archives from art history in my mind and extend new stories. It still brings me a beautiful world of pen and ink composed of the landscape motif.

This series takes the blue-and-white porcelain archives collected in National Palace Museum as the main topic, combines blue-and-white porcelain of different periods into alternative narrative landscapes, and draws them into a series of landscape paintings that are digitally modulated by the archives; On the landscape constructed from the blue-and-white archive images, the trajectory of rock texture and plant-like strokes are drawn. For me, the process of the migration of cultural relics has also projected my feeling of wandering around in various countries over the past few years on a certain spiritual level. Using this as a concept, I completed this artwork of the wandering landscape composed of cultural relics.