Patterns of Extinct Life V: Multispecies realities


Patterns of Extinct Life V: Multispecies realities

謝騆瑜 Jhouyu HSIEH



Performance video installation (2-channel video, stereo sound), Zine with cycad leaves


installation view:

這個系列是藝術家騆瑜藝術計畫《滅絕物種的生活模式(Patterns of Extinct Life)》的第五部曲;系列作品由行為表演、錄像聲音裝置、文本、繪畫以及物件裝置所組成,我試圖以多層次的手法呈現因人類而滅絕的物種暨當代生活之間的特殊性,並從這些畫面裡再次想像人類與已滅絕物種間彼此相依的共生關係,以及建設與環境生態對立之間的另一種可能。

This art work series belongs to the fifth part of artist Jhouyu HSIEH’s art project “Patterns of Extinct Life” *note, which contains performance, video, sound, archival print, painting and installation. I tried to present the uniqueness between species which were extinct by humans and contemporary life in multi-layered way, imagining the symbiotic relationship in humans and extinct species again from these art work and another possibility between construction and environmental ecology.


—This is a story about human power affecting multiple species—

古老的蘇鐵樹種生存在這個地球上已超過一億四千萬年,他們是雌雄異株的裸子植物,樹形獨特,鐵葉如傘;全世界只有十幾種蘇鐵,而台灣的原生種蘇鐵(Cycas revoluta)[註一]便是其中之一。稀有的台灣原生種蘇鐵小灰蝶(Chilades pandava peripatria)以蘇鐵嫩芽為食,與台灣的蘇鐵在這片土地上共存以久,直到某一天,人類的介入引進了外來的蘇鐵...

The ancient cycad trees have existed on this earth for more than 140 million years. They are dioecious gymnosperms with unique tree shapes which leaves like iron umbrellas. There are only around a dozen species of cycads in the world, and the native species of cycads in Taiwan (Cycas revoluta) [Note 1] is one of them. The rare Taiwanese native species copper butterfly (Chilades pandava peripatria) feeds on cycad buds and has coexisted on this land for a long time. Until one day, human’s intervention, introduced foreign cycads…


In 2023, I went to Luye, Taitung., due to my art work. In the story, on the sun side steep mountain wall of the Luye River, there’s a large area of ​​primitive cycad forest survives. I have worked with local hunter several times, climbing through the cliffs and waterfalls, hoping to find the cycads that once existed here at higher altitudes.


In this artwork, I want to imagine a realistic state in which multiple species can coexist and intertwine. The narrative begins with the song "Taitung People", which describes young people from Taitung who go to other places to work and fall in love with local prostitutes, and finally returning home; it also serves as a metaphor for the complex relationship between the ecology of alien species and native species that have relocated and competed for survival due to human influence. In the part of the performance video installation, the naming of color tickets responds to the impact and changes of human beings on alien life, like a life state of ethnic proliferation and endangered species; it also continues the power relationship between contemporary human beings' survival system and other species. Thinking about the conflict and reproduction relationship between species groups and human behavior.




『灰』-蘇鐵小灰蝶(Chilades pandava peripatria)/{台灣原生種、特有亞種,從稀有的蝴蝶到大量繁衍進而入侵他國}

『白』-白輪盾介殼蟲(Aulacaspis yasumatsui)/{具有入侵意義的外來種}

『黑』-出尾蟲(Cybocephalus Nipponicus)/{主動引進外來種並釋放到野外}

Note 1:

Cycad Taiwan is produced in Guangdong, China., Cycad Taitung is produced in Taiwan., Cycad Taitung and Cycad Ryukyu have same genes.

Note 2:

"Grey" - Chilades pandava peripatria / {Taiwan's native species and unique subspecies, from a rare butterfly to multiplying in large numbers and then invading other countries}

"White" - Aulacaspis yasumatsui / {An alien species with invasive significance}

"Black" - Cybocephalus Nipponicus / {Actively introduce alien species and release them into the wild}